Real Health NZ's 
Online Pregnancy Programme! 
Ren & Jen's most requested programme 
is FINALLY here! 

Here's what you'll get 
during pregnancy.. 
  • Video workouts demonstrating safe exercise options for your specific stage of pregnancy! Our aim is to keep you moving throughout your pregnancy journey whilst keeping you and your growing baby safe.
  • For each trimester you'll receive 4-5 workouts you can complete as many times as you like, anywhere anytime. These will include strengthening, mobility and restorative sessions. 
  • Learn importaint pelvic floor exercises that you should be doing throughout pregnacey! 
  • You'll learn what to eat to keep yourself and growing baby healthy during pregnancy, be provided with loads of recipes and will receive information on nutritional requirements for for pregnancy. 
  • Receive tips and tricks to get your fridge, pantry and freezer stocked ready for the new born chaos! This is lifesaving!  
  • Real talk! Ren & Jen are going through this journey for the second time and throughout the programme will fill you in on their highs, lows and how their pregnancies develop.
Here's what you'll get 
post pregnancy.. 
  • Learn how to safely get back into exercise post baby. You'll be provided with low impact workouts that are designed to ease you back into movement postpartum. 
  • Guidance on how to identify and manage abdominal separation. 
  • Specific training and exercises on how to strengthen pelvic floor muscles.   
  • Guidance on how to deal with pelvic floor issues and/or prolapse - We bring in an expert female physiotherapist to give you all the information you need to know if dealing with this postpartum. 
  • This programme will take all the guessing out of what you should/shouldn't be doing postpartum and best of all you'll be able exercise in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you and your new baby.
  • Real Talk! Ren & Jen will share their experience of getting back into exercise for the second time postpartum. They will also share some of the highs and challenging times whilst adjusting to life with 2 rugrats each! 
Who is the programme best suited for?  
This programme has been designed for women wanting to maintain light exercise throughout pregnancy and is for those who are experiencing a normal pregnancy without any complications. 

Before starting any exercise programme you should get medical clearance from a health professional but even more so with being pregnant. Please be sure to discuss this with your GP or LMC before starting. 
How is the programme delivered? 
Trimesters 1, 2 and 3 are now live and ready to go! Our postpartum module  will be released in when we have had our babies and have recovered and are ready to get back into exercise. Expected to be around early Novemeber 2019. 

Anyone who takes advantage of this programme will have unlimited lifetime access and will be able to go back to any modules at anytime! 
Meet your trainers..  
Ren & Jen are experts in womens wellness together they hold the following qualifications..
  • Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science (Jen)
  • Bachelor of Sport & Leisure Studies (Ren)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (Jen)
  • Diploma of Health Coaching from the Intergrative School of Nutrition (Ren)
  • Certificate in Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation (Ren)
  • Certificate in Pregnancy and Exercise for Optimal Outcomes (Jen)
  • Mum's to Addison and Sayer (19 months and 16 months old) 
  • Currently doing the most incredible thing possible and growing our families with number two's on the way! 
 Our 'Love It Or Pay Nothing' Guarantee..
We know you’re going to love this programme..
But, on the off chance if you don’t, or if you feel it's just not right for you then we will refund your money! Yep, you heard that right. We guarantee that you will love it, but if not we will completely refund your money, no questions asked! Just email us at
Ren & Jen xx
"RHNZ is amazing! I joined a couple of months ago and have already nearly regained my pre-pregnancy fitness & strength (and as a pleasant result, also back in those pre baby skinny jeans!). I have loved is the personalised support, accountability and the feeling of being so connected to an amazing community of like minded woman across NZ and the world. It's brilliant being able to fit in quick, impactful workouts which can be done with baby, or in nap times, no excuses not to be moving every day! Thank you so much!" 

Alana Swain 
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