2020 is almost here!!

There's something really special about a new year right?

It's a clean slate..

A fresh start..

And the perfect time to set some new goals and take your health and fitness to the next level!

But before we get started..

It’s Time For Some Real Talk.

Let us make this VERY clear from the outset..

This isn’t one of those ‘get fit quick’ programmes that promises you the world while you get to sit on a beach sipping Pina Coladas. 

This also isn’t one of those ‘magic pills or shake’ programmes that will charge you the earth and promises you freedom living and instant weight loss..

Here’s the thing..

This IS going to require work on your behalf.

And your results will vary depending on..

Your attitude, willingness, determination and work ethic.

But if you apply yourself and take action..

You will be well on your way to building a sustainable healthy lifestyle that gets you the results you deserve without the confusion, overwhelm or a massive hole in your pocket! This challenge will ensure 2020 is your best year yet! 

But.. only sign up if you are willing to accept this and put in the effort.

This challenge is about us (Ren & Jen) empowering you with the knowledge, equipping you with the tools and motivating you to create sustainable habits that will last a lifetime!!  

Ren & Jen xx
Who is the 12 week challenge for? 
Anyone who has a health, wellness or fitness goal that they want to work hard to achieve over a 12 week period. 

That goal could be anything! Running related, weight loss related, mindset related.. anything that you believe will help you become the best version of yourself and help you get to where you want to be in 2020!

Be in to WIN! 
12 weeks 12 mystery prizes up for grabs!
This 12 week challenge will see 12 prize winners take away AWESOME prizes at our end of challenge live prizegiving! 

Previous 12 week challenge winers have won all expenses trips to Queenstown, Rotorua and Waiheke Island!

(Winners will be judged via an independent panel of 4-5 experts) 
How can I start the 12 week challenge? 
The 12 week challenge is ONLY available to Real Health NZ members to participate in. 

To become a member simply click the below button and take advantage of our $1 trial. 

You'll get to test drive your Real Health NZ membership for 7 days then it's just $19 per month to remain a member. The challenge comes at no extra cost to your membership.

All you need to do is get signed up, get to work and you'll be in the running! 

Cancel anytime. No contracts. No questions asked. 
What's included a Real Health NZ membership? 
A Real Health NZ membership will provide you with everything you need to nail your health, fitness and wellness goals in 2020!

It really is a one stop shop! Nutrition, exercise, mindset, motivation & support!

Keep reading to find out all the incredible benefits of a membership.
Everything to NAIL your Nutrition! 
At Real Health NZ we do things differently when it comes to nutrition! We strip things right back and encourage our members/clients to go back to basics! Included in your membership you will: 
  • Learn about Real Health NZ's No diet approach! (It breaks our heart to see so many women spend hundreds of dollars on the latest trends only to find themselves repeating that vicious cycle of; start a diet, have success for a while, be unable to sustain the diet, fall off the wagon, feel like a failure, put the weight back on… and start again.)As a member of Real Health NZ you'll soon see that diets are totally unnecessary!
  • Learn how you can get the results you want and deserve without all the unrealistic BS! We are focused on teaching sustainable healthy habits that last forever! No confusing calculations. No shakes or pills! 
  • You'll recieve exclusive access to the Real Health NZ portal with hundereds of healthy recipes that are family friendly and budget friendly! You'll also get acess to amazing easy to comprehend nutrition videos and resources.
  • You'll recieve weekly nutrition tips, tricks and hacks that will ensure you are not only nailing your nutrition but also helping your family to nail theirs too!
Everything to NAIL your Exercise! 
At Real Health NZ we are focused on daily movement and encourage our members to ditch the all or nothing approach to exercise! We know you are super busy so our workouts are designed to be short and effective!
  • Get access to the 'DAILY BURN!' Everyday during the 12 week challenge you’ll be provided with an awesome 'Daily Burn' workout that you can do anywhere, anytime, in your own space at your own pace!
  • Unlock our amazing Online Gym with hundereds of categoried workouts. 1. Search the type of workout you want (yoga, total body, upper body, boxing.. you name it we've got it!) 2. Select your fitness level (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced)3. Select the time frame you have to workout (Workouts ranging from 4-40min!) 4. Get it done!
  • Workouts are designed to help you increase your energy, lose weight, tone up and feel incredible! 
  • Workout at home or at the gym!
  • Recieve weekly motivation reminding you to get your daily movement done as well as tips and tricks to make exercise become a life long habit!  
Supportive Members Tribe  
For all the social media lovers out there you'll be invited to join our exclusive members tribe on Facebook where you'll:
  • Be warmly welcomed into a safe secure and supportive female only community!
  • Have the opportunity to interact with hundreds of women from all around the globe all on similar journeys!
  • Ask your questions and have them answered straight away!  
  • Receive accountability posts to keep you motivated and on track towards nailing your goals.
  • Exclusive access to amazing health and wellness discount codes, if you love a good shop you'll be all over this! We've got you covered with everything from activewear to beauty products! 
It's now or never.. Registrations close soon! 
Registrations for the 12 week challenge close on Jan 6th 2020

Challenge starts 6th Jan 2020 

Challenge ends 29th March 2020 

Winners announced via live prize-giving 31st March  2020 

The sooner you get registered the sooner you can start working towards your goals, becoming your best self and potentially winning some seriously epic prizes!

Meet your trainers... 
Ren & Jen are experts in womens wellness together they hold the following qualifications..
  • Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science (Jen)
  • Bachelor of Sport & Leisure Studies (Ren)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (Jen)
  • Diploma of Health Coaching from the Intergrative School of Nutrition (Ren)
  • Certificate in Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation (Ren)
  • Certificate in Pregnancy and Exercise for Optimal Outcomes (Jen)
  • Mum's to Addison, Sayer, Brodie and Rio (toddlers and newborns!)
Our 'love it or pay nothing' guarantee..

We know you’re going to love this programme..
But, on the off chance if you don’t, or if you feel it's just not right for you then we will refund your money! Yep, you heard that right. We guarantee that you will love it, but if not we will completely refund your money, no questions asked! Just email us at hello@realhealthnz.co.nz
Ren & Jen xx
Member Feedback
"Real Health NZ is, by far, the best health and wellness gig out there. It's fun and dynamic, the workouts are always changing, the content is very relatable and the programs are accountable, flexible and easy to stick to - all from the comfort of your own home. You get way more than you pay for, the biggest thing RHNZ has taught me is that by moving your body a little bit most days, you really do see changes. Thanks Ren and Jen - you guys are the best."

Kate Doyle, Real Health NZ Member
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