The Real Health NZ Daily Burn! 

We know that you are super busy and when it comes to your exercise you just want to be told exactly what to do right? This is where our Daily Burn workouts come into play! 

Here's what you'll get:
  • Instant access to our Daily Burn Workouts! 
  • Workouts are designed to get results FAST! Tone up, increase your fitness, lose weight and make exercise a daily habit! 
  • A different workout each and every day! So no need to worry about getting bored! Variety is the spice of life and we've got you covered ;)
  • No searching for the perfect workout.. it will be right there waiting for you to get stuck in! 
  • No wondering if you are doing the right thing! We literally take all the hard workout out of working out! ;) 
  • Get rewarded when you hit key milestones! It's all about keeping you motivated along your journey to becoming your best self! 
  • During the workouts you'll recieve guidance and motivation as we will be huffing and puffing right alongside you! 
  • You'll also recieve daily motivation delivered to your inbox reminding you to get your DAILY BURN done as well as tips and tricks to make exercise become a lifelong habit! 
Who's the Daily Burn for?
The Daily Burn has been designed specifically for those who are: 
  • Intermediate level of fitness! 
  • Are willing to take 15-20 out each day to dedicate to them, their health and fitness! We can give you all the tools but you need to show up! 
  • Wanting to follow a specific programme and be told what to do each day
  • Wanting on-going daily motivation to actually get their workouts done!
How does it work?
This programme is so easy to use and will be a game changer, taking your fitness to the next level! 
  • Each day you'll login and your RHNZ Daily Burn workout will be waiting for you! 
  • You'll complete the 15-25 min workouts anywhere, anytime then hit the 'Mark Complete' button which will begin to unlock your next days workout! 
  • The next day your new workout will be waiting for you and you'll recieve a reminder email prompting you to get your burn on! 
Get rewarded along the way! 

Because we know when it comes to health and fitness motivation is sometimes the hardest part we are going to be incentivising you to keep going by rewarding you along the way!
  • Hit 50 workouts and recieve a voucher!
  • Hit 100 workouts and you'll be capped an recieve an exclusive Hundy Club cap with your number on it!
  • Hit 150 workouts and you'll be plesently surprised at what arrives in your mailbox! 
  • This is all about giving you the motivation to keep going and create an exercise habit for life! 
How can I get started?

The Daily Burn workouts are only available to Real Health NZ members, here's what you need to do to sign up:
  • Click the sign up button
  • Pay just $1 to get started as part of our $1 7 Day Trial 
  • After the 7 Days it's just $19 per month to continue with the Daily Burn as well as have access to all other Real Health NZ member benefits including: The Online Gym, Recipe Hub, Expert Drop ins, Facebook Tribe, Discount Codes and 1 on 1 support from qualified experts
  • Try it for 7 Days, if you love it stay on, if it's not for you then you can cancel easily
Meet your trainers... 
Ren & Jen are experts in womens wellness together they hold the following qualifications..
  • Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science (Jen)
  • Bachelor of Sport & Leisure Studies (Ren)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching (Jen)
  • Diploma of Health Coaching from the Intergrative School of Nutrition (Ren)
  • Certificate in Nutrition for Fertility, Pregnancy and Lactation (Ren)
  • Certificate in Pregnancy and Exercise for Optimal Outcomes (Jen)
  • Mums!
"Real Health NZ is, by far, the best health and wellness gig out there. It's fun and dynamic, the workouts are always changing, the content is very relatable and the programs are accountable, flexible and easy to stick to - all from the comfort of your own home. You get way more than you pay for, the biggest thing RHNZ has taught me is that by moving your body a little bit most days, you really do see changes. Thanks Ren and Jen - you guys are the best."

Kate Doyle, Real Health NZ Member
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